The Ganja Protocol

Crazy, but true. New recommendations for the tratment of Autism include marijuana. However, tongue planted firmly in cheek, mary jane might be a good idea when you consider what some of the DAN! kids go through everyday. After all, who wouldn't enjoy a doobie after getting your butt stuck with injectible vitamins, having to sit inside a toy balloon, getting sweaty in a sauna, eating rock hard GFCF food, taking your 40 pills of herbs and vitamins from Kirkman's everyday, sitting through hours of ABA, getting intravenous glutathione, having nasty sulfur smelling creams applied to your body, having all the minerals stripped out of your body from chelation, cranio-sacral therapy, getting your blood drawn to send off to suspect labs, and having to listen to your parents whine about how tough you made their lives and all they are doing for you to make you acceptable.