Marijuana Uses

A very interesting website loaded with information about the different uses of Marijuana:

"I have yet to mention my favorite use of pot, alone in nature, no agenda, nothing to do, nothing to be, just unstructured time to see, smell, feel the wind, to watch the sun crash over the bay. I love to be outdoors when I am stoned, walking down alleys, the quiet streets in my neighborhood, wild desert trails, and the streets of far-flung cities and towns. The joy and sense of connection with the environment is the main reason I smoke pot.

Marijuana heightens the senses - hearing, seeing, taste, touch, and smell - and I have experienced all my senses sharpened after smoking grass."

Marijuana Uses also has some interesting Essays, Testimonials and Short Stories:

Title Author
A Cannabis Odyssey Lester Grinspoon
A Life Cycle Perspective on Cannabis Anonymous
A Little Dab Will Do You: Marijuana and Literary Composition Tim Brown
A Mental Journey Into Creativity Brandon Thomas
A School Teacher's Confession Bob Smith
A Single Episode A Gentle Person
A Way of Life Emancipated
Allen Ginsberg and Mary Jane Lester Grinspoon
Amateur's Notes "John Shade"
Basements "Dear 23"
Cannabis and Music Anonymous
Cannabis and Planetary Surfaces Anonymous
Cannabis and PTSD Michael McKenna
Cannabis and the Legend of the Sand Dollar Airie Hicks
Cannabis as a Philosophic Sacrament David
Chronic Pain From Hell Jana Christian
Cross-Cultural Discovery Tucker Clark
Dear Dr. Grinspoon Richard Pisano
Dear Honey Timothy
Dear Mom and Dad Rob
Deep Spirit and Great Heart Louis Silverstein
Discovering a Bridge Florence Siegel
Discovery Sherry Hall
Ego Trips Del Cogswell Brebner
The Emerald City of Oz "Prarie Dog"
Fat Angel Jatayu
Four Leaf Clovers Jeremy Wells
Freeing Time "Ferrell Beck"
Ganja the Musicmaker "Herb Garden"
George's Rainbow Jeff Syrop
Grass, the Exponent Harry Bailey
How I Learned I Didn't Have a Head for Ganja Jamie Gaffney
How I Use Pot Paul DeFelice
How Marijuana Ruined My Life Stephen Kessler
I Am An Addict Chris Ferguson
Lady Chatterly Stoned Robert Burruss
(Some Experiences With) Language and Learning T.D.
Living Better with Cannabis B.W.
Living Life as a Human Being Mr. O
Marijuana and Its Meaning for Me Anonymous
Marijuana and Music Peter Webster
Marijuana and My Fear of Death Anonymous
Marijuana and Spirituality Kevin Nelson
Marijuana as an Enhancer of Music Therapy Pete Brady
Marijuana as Family Medicine and Sacrament Synonymous
Marijuana, My Wonder Drug Brian C. Bennett
Marijuana Stimulates Creativity and Enhances Experience Jon Byrne, MD
Me and Mary Jane: Marijuana's Influence on My Fiction Theodore Pelton
Medicinal...Recreational...and Beyond Joel Lindau
Memories of the Moment Elizabeth Amberg
Miraculous Marijuana Paul Handshy
Mr. Barr and the Fountain of Youth Lester Grinspoon
Mr. X Carl Sagan
Mother Marijuana Dawnhuman
My Father Within Candace
My Friend Cannabis Adam Meadows
My Marijuana Experiences John Irwin
My Religious Experience "Rich Goss"
On Marijuana, Musical Creativity, and the Collective Unconscious Russell Ambrose
Pot: My Drug of Choice "Simona Place"
Pot: Not Just a Phase D.S.
Pot and Poetry Floyd Salas
Pot in Prison Anonymous
Pot to Alleviate Alcoholism A Working Mother
Puffy World Bootsy B.
Reefer Sanity Anonymous
Restoration of the Body Anonymous
Stress Control Doug Dusalle
THC and the Topical Gag Jeff Ward
The Case of the Conscious Connoisseur Anonymous
The Composition of Music Anonymous
The Great Marijuana Hoax Allen Ginsberg
The Healthy Effects of Marijuana "Mark James"
The Laidback Meerkat New "Carla"
The Old Pothead Poems Sam Abrams
The Screening Room Doug Magee
The Senses Anonymous
The Spice of Life Martin Martinez
Twinkly Twinkly
Up From Illegitimacy Anonymous
We're Not Bluffing Anymore E. Cleaves
What Marijuana has Done for Me Steven

Title Author
A Musician Describes His Use of Marijuana for Creative Purposes Anonymous
A Scientist Reports on the Contribution of Cannabis to His Work Anonymous
After Two Decades of Just Saying No, I Finally Said Yes! Sergio Reyes
Cannabis Through the Years KNL
Elevating Consciousness MCLH86
Experiencing Highs to Deepen Understanding Wendy from Australia
Father's Little Helper? George De La Cruz
Marijuana and College Anonymous
Marijuana and Religion Nimsu
Nature's Remedy Andre
Parenting T K